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Ready to live a life full of Inspiration and Joy? Join us on the journey to #Success with a Positive Mindset. Listen or Watch the free #Podcast at any time.  This show is designed with you in mind. We are all about shaping a positive future and keeping a positive mindset that keeps us motivated. This is where we work on our own personal development so that we can be strong, empowered and successful.  We can then be strong role models for those we love and mentor.  We can be proud of ourselves and our daily journey of inspiration and joy.

I am grateful that I am able to reach out across the globe and make a difference in someone’s life. Health begins with your thoughts for they become your words, which become your actions and how we develop habits. Once you develop a habit, be it good or bad, it becomes your character and once your personality is developed it becomes your destiny. So it’s important to plant the right messages and beliefs as early in life as possible. That is not a new idea, that philosophy was written by Lao Tzu centuries ago. But we need reminding, we need to be the guardian angels of our children and those we influence.

Through personal development and mutual respect, being a positive influence and advocate for my child has been my greatest achievement in life. Realize: We are all born with a gift, we are all born with purpose. Life’s journey is to hone and develop that gift, as purpose changes within. I’m your coach, Diane Planidin, welcome as I share my journey to success.

I can highly recommend you begin your journey by watching the playlist on the Laws of Human nature.  This book was a game-changer for me because it helped me understand why people do the things they do, but most of all what I could do to be at my best – everyday.  If you are struggling through life and feeling sorry for yourself in anyway or if you are raising children and you think it’s too late because you’ve made mistakes along the way. Remember this, you are resilient and its never too late to plant a more positive outlook. Enjoy and please share this show with someone you know… Diane




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Do you want to live a better life?  This playlist is the complete set on understanding what you need to do.


Positive Vibes

Need a quick boost of Inspiration?  You are not alone, we have all been there.  This playlist is just for you!


You are Powerful

Does your imagination run wild?  You can develop that power to become the person you have always known that you are.  This playlist will help you work your mental muscle.



Control you mindset and you will control your destiny, whether good or bad.

This playlist will awaken your spirit and your mind to live inspired.

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