How to Improve your Mental Health

How are you staying mentally strong for yourself and those who count on you for guidance? The aftershock of the Pandemic is being felt around the world and it’s more important than ever to stay strong. I have made notes of some of my own quotes below along with the infamous William Ernest Henley. Enjoy and please share the show with others that you think may benefit. Thank you!  If you would like to read the full transcript, please click here for ENGLISH.
“Keep your spirits Healthy and your Unconquerable Soul alive” Diane Planidin
“Choose to believe you are a Warrior” Diane Planidin
“Curtail adversity by being a Strong Role Model” Diane Planidin
“You are Invincible and do not Compare yourself to others” Diane Planidin
“Focus on what you are good at” Diane Planidin
“Today you can choose to turn your Life around” Diane Planidin
“I AM the Master of my Fate, I AM the Captain of my Soul” William Ernest Henley
“Plant positive Beliefs and Invest in your Future and that of those you Influence.” Diane Planidin
Live well Flourish.Mom
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