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Diane Planidin

Quotations through the ages are as relevant today as they were at the beginning of time.  Throughout the show and on various on-line platforms I will share the quotes that most inspire me.

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Share your thoughts and help the community grow.  Sometimes when you write things down, they stick just a bit better.  You can also log-in and join the community to share your stories privately.  Let’s be inspired and learn from each other.

Raising exceptional children is no easy task, for anyone.  As we share our stories of Victories and Fiasco’s we learn that being a parent is not a cookie-cutter job.  No two people are the same and no two days are the same.  Essentially we are all originals, just like snowflakes.  As snowflakes we are stronger together!  

When you support the success of the Flourish show, we can reach a global community on how to Nurture, Coach and Inspire our children to develop their genius, their natural talent and let it thrive.