James Allen as a man Thinketh


Are you drifting through the ocean of life without direction? In today’s episode Diane discusses James Allen’s book, “As a man Thinketh 


Carl Jung

What are you Becoming

Are you facing a challenge and don’t know what to do? In today’s episode Diane gives you 3 good ideas which may help: 


Ralph Waldo Emerson

Practice Gratitude

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. ” Ralph Waldo Emerson 


human condition dr Joyce brothers


Do you know the best possible preparation for Success? Insightful inspiration from the world renowned psychologist,Dr. Joyce Brothers  


Heighten your Self-Worth

Develop your sense of self-worth by looking beyond the surface to see
what you are 


Robert Greene

Recognize your Dark Side

By integrating the dark side into your personality, you will radiate authenticity that will draw people…


Robert Greene

 Spark a Different Dynamic

Diane discusses the Law of Self-Sabatoge and what you can do to elevate your well-being and live an extraordinary life by 



Unleash your Creative Powers

5 Strategies to help you practice and help you be strategic in freeing your mind in order to unleash 



Reach your Objectives by Elevating your Perspective

“With an elevated perspective, you will have the patience and clarity to reach almost any objective” 



FOMO – Become an Object of Desire

Do you have FOMO or the Fear of Missing out?  Have you ever thought being an object of desire was not



Character Flaws

Have you ever wondered what builds your Character? Turns out your Character is actually a Molded Habits developed over time. “When choosing people to work and associate with, do not



See Through People’s Masks

“People tend to wear the mask that shows them off in the best possible light
humble, confident, diligent.  They say the right things, smile and…



 Law of Self Love

“We all naturally possess the most remarkable tool for connecting to people and attaining social power – empathy.  When cultivated and properly used it can…



Master your Emotions

“Have you ever encountered someone who believed they were superior to you and belittling, berating and badgering you?  Have you ever been around someone who sabotaged your career because …



3 Tools to Hack your Happiness

“Diane discusses how you can use the top 3 Hacks you have at your disposal to lead a happy life, everyday…


Music Magic Memory Remember Dementia

 Music & Memory to Learn 

Music provides a powerful tool for learning and stirs your soul.  Did  you know
it also lives inside…

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mental health matters

Mental Health Matters

When your mental health is challenging you. When you are feeling sorry for yourself and cannot find the strength to bring others up…

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Inspiration Wizard of Oz

Inspiring Life Lessons

 Looking for Magical Solutions to your Problems? Turns out you already have all the
tools to bring your best self forward…

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Time Management Tips

How to Manage Your Time

 Where does all the time go?  And how do you get more of it?  We all know how precious time
is and once you realize you can’t get more, you will be able to…

Cultivate Mind Mindfulness

Your Brain is your Super Power

 When it comes to yourself and those you are for, at any age, no matter what – do not make compromises.  Mental Health and the power that lies within our brains needs to be cultivated…
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Stay Inspired During Self-Isolation

These are trying times for a lot of people around the globe.  Today we discuss three tips on what you need in order to stay inspired and…

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Knowledge is Power


How do you keep yourself and your life in balance, without feeling overwhelmed and out of tune.  How do you manage…   

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How to Cook French Toast

How to Make French Toast

How do you keep yourself and your life in balance, without feeling overwhelmed and out of tune.  How do you manage…   

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Balance your Life


How do you keep yourself and your life in balance, without feeling overwhelmed and out of tune.  How do you manage…   

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Life is not a Spectator Sport but it is a game we play everyday. When you can’t see the finish line you are mindful of your choices.  Confidence will be yours if    

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How to Motivate the UnMotivated

There is Hope! As the original Influencers, Parents and Educators have an immense responsibility in raising the next generation. When something is wrong…   

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Love Joy Inspiration Valentines


Where there is Joy, there is Inspiration.  Take a moment to show gratitude towards one another and express the joy you feel in your heart.  Giggles and surprises at any age are always a welcome gesture.    

Words nourish us, why not tell your child

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Zen and Mastering the Art of the Mini-Break will change your world.  This episode is for anyone that is looking for some tips and tricks to stay highly productive, organized, motivated and prioritize your day, week, month or year.  

You can start today by …Read More



Nothing is more magical than viewing life through the eyes of a child. The wonder and magic of it all. To be young or even young at heart gives you a positive perspective in life.  You may have heard the term, ‘when Life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade’ . Meaning instead of…

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Knowing your calling in life, your passion, your purpose and especially your natural talent is truly your greatest fortune.  
Only a handful of people realize their gift early on in life, for most of us it’s

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Explore - Dream - Discover

Explore, Dream, Discover how to Navigate Life

Explore the World, Dream of the Future and Discover your Inner Genius. Individuals are unique and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. There is one thing we all have in common though. When we are not challenged, we get bored. When we are feeling overwhelmed, we need to take a step back. In order to maintain our confidence we need to find the best balance in life that works for us….Read More

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Goal setting is an on-going project. Start the New Year with attainable #Goals and be sure to include your dreams too! Promise yourself you will write down one goal today. Goals need to be written on paper, in a journal, on a post-it note or even a Vision Board. The key to success is …Read More

Live Life Inspired

Live Life Inspired

Inspiration comes from within and what inspires one person will be different from others.  Look around you, inspiration is everywhere.  In Nature, in Family and most of all in Children.  What inspires you?  What gets you out of bed every morning that you’re excited for?  What excites you and enlivens your spirit?  Most of all……Read More

Believe in Yourself

Believe – in Yourself

Believe in yourself and remember that special feeling of anticipation.  Treat yourself to a little sugar and snuggle with your children.  Sleep in and give yourself permission to take time for your family and friends.

Sometimes it’s difficult to put yourself out there, and sometimes……Read More


The Trouble with Bullies

Bullies are an obstacle beyond anyones control, here are some tips and ideas on what may work when faced with a Bully. They take many shapes and are usually hiding behind a mask messing with our mental health. You don’t need or want such negative energy in your life, regardless of your age. Whether the bully is in familiar territory or cyber-stalking…..Read More


The Magic of Math

Math is Magical and Learning is Fun.  It should also be entertaining and inspiring to us all.

Take the stress out of test taking and timing and enjoy the magic of the only Universal language in the world.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, math is

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Natural Talent

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a musical talent that only the lucky few are born with.  Think Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven.  Mariah Carey, Ella Fitzgerald and Michael Jackson.  Natural talent!  Music is so important to us all, for various reasons.  It defines culture, taste and yes even…..Read More


Power of Paper

Handwriting on Paper is a Cognitive Super Power.  Reading a book made of Paper is so enjoyable.  You can feel the warmth of the paper and the progression of your adventure.

Post-it notes have become vital to Design Thinking which challenges assumptions and explores…..Read More

Live an Inspired Life