“Keep life simple and sensible by taking control of your time, rather than spending it with your cell phone…under your pillow”

Diane Planidin


3 Tools to Hack your Happiness




Inspiration from Lifestyle in Scandinavia, the Finnish Secrets to Happiness

Diane discusses 3 tools to hack your happiness – the happiness hat trick.  We all have within us these tools, to live a more inspired life.  For your own well being and those you imprint upon, for a happy lifestyle.

What does sweating in a sauna, walking in the forest, picking berries and being sensible all have in common? Well apparently they are the Finnish secret to happiness.  More than half of the top ten cities for happiness worldwide are located in Scandinavia.  Interesting, considering their winter sunlight hours are around 6 hours a day, when there’s no clouds.   So why are they so happy? 





Diane discusses 

– how you can us the top 3 hacks

– why it’s important to work on your rationality

– strategies toward leading a happy life


You will learn

– how a small lifestyle change is better for your spirit

– ideas to set yourself up for success

– what you need to do in order to achieve happiness, daily



“Goals are a happiness hack that gives us purpose” Diane Planidin

Diane Planidin “Approach the great outdoors with a positive spirit”

“Keep life simple and sensible by taking control of your time” Diane Planidin

Diana Ross “Reach out and touch, Somebody’s hand.  Make this world a better place, If you can.”


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