Art Appreciation

Capture the Beauty around You


The importance of Art and the impact it has on personal growth, not to mention it’s a great outlet to just let go!

Blue Dogs by George Rodrique was our beginning.  So striking and yet so simple.

 “What I do know,” Rodrigue says,  “is that Blue Dog, in some form or another, will remain a presence in the hearts of the people who have come to know her – and, I hope, in the hearts of all those who may join Blue Dog in her journeys yet to come”. So I took that to mean Blue Dog could take the form in the students imagination.  

“Each one an original, each one a snowflake”

“The creativity was oozing out without even a thought to interrupt the process.  It was absolutely spectacular.”

Tom Brokaw says:   “Any appreciation of art is a subjective experience. If it moves you, lingers after you’ve walked away, makes you laugh, or simply infuses you with a good feeling, it passes the test.  Blue Dog does all that. And like the best of dogs, whatever their color, she asks nothing in return. Blue dog is a reminder that there are some things in life that we should just accept on their own terms and never take for granted.” 

I loved the initiative of the students.  They were truly blossoming with the “new way” Art Appreciation was taking form.  

Chihuly had an exhibit called: The Nature of Glass. 

Ansel Adams photography impacted the students who could decide if they wanted their photographs in the Gardens to be in Colour or in Black and White. 

What was truly interesting was how unique each student captured the beauty of the desert.  The beauty of the desert plants in concert with the reflection of the glass works. The glass works are works of art.

Maya Angelou has a fantastic inspirational quote:  “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel”.  So true



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