“Spark your Dynamic Self”

Diane Planidin

Change your Circumstances by Changing your Attitude





Rewrite the Rules


“Spark a different dynamic and learn from adversity.”  This means instead of being bitter about the life you have, explore the limits of your willpower to get better and see how far you can go.

So let’s rewrite the rules of our lives.  You can begin to improve your overall attitude into one of a positive nature by using the following tips Greene gives us.  As a result your confidence, creativity, relationships and even how you handle stress in your life will reach new heights.  This is not a new idea but one that was first widely known by William James, an American psychologist in 1890. Let’s not waste another day, expand your horizon.



Don’t take it Personally

Save yourself from accumulating hurt and bitter feelings by reminding yourself not to take things personally.  There is a lot of diversity in human behaviour and you can’t change someone else, you can only change your attitude about them.  Take a neutral stance, and you will become more tolerant towards other people and as a result, your social interactions much smoother and people will be drawn to you. 

Live an Inspired Life and remember, every obstacle gives you another opportunity to grow and flourish. 
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