3 Steps to get your Life in Balance


How do you keep yourself and your life in balance, without feeling overwhelmed and out of tune.  How do you manage schedules and jobs and children and everything else all while maintaining your own sense of self?  Every now and then life throws you a curve and gets out of balance. 

When you feel out of balance you can’t create.  You can’t think and it’s very hard to stay inspired.  It’s important to keep both your physical and mental well being in focus.  The key is to hone in one where you are out of balance and make your priority to live in harmony.  We are all human and need to remind ourselves that being out of balance is normal.

Seek the wisdom of others and try my formula in your own life:  

Attitude + Fitness + Eyes Wide Open

You will feel less overwhelmed and once you are in balance you will find that a natural side effect is that your family and children become balanced as well.  You will have the time and energy once you prioritize what is truly important.  It’s not easy and does take some time.  “Nothing will work unless you do”. Maya Angelou.

When you have a set back, create the solution and set forth, you’ll be glad you did.  Choose to balance yourself and the rest will follow.


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