Beach Baby

The Magic of Sand


There’s something magical about sand. It can be in your backyard, school yard, lake or by the ocean and it has no limitations on entertainment value.  Add a little water and voila, you can shape it.  Add a little seaweed and you can make a mermaid come to life with beautiful flowing hair. Add a few more people and all of a sudden you are making a ginormous turtle or magical castle with globby trees, all made out of sand. The really cool part is that our magical creations became a tradition.  We could hardly wait to get to the beach and dig in.

Children are amazing and so awe inspiring.  They drink in their surroundings and the wonder of nature. Exploring and discovering the world around them. 

The secret to staying young is to have this perfect cover for acting like a kid again and no ones the wiser. An amazing thing happens to you and your imagination.  Or at least all of these things did for me, it was reignited.

You will glow with pride not to mention all those excellent ‘selfie’ opportunities.  You can take all the pictures you want at the beach and leave only footprints behind. We let our technology serve us and not let it invade our precious beach time. After all, the only surfing you should do at the beach is on the waves.

Great minds have purpose; Little minds have wishes.  Washington Irvine. I like that quote.




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