The Trouble with Bullies

Build your Mental Muscle

Bullies are an obstacle beyond anyones control, here are some tips and ideas on what may work when faced with a Bully. They take many shapes and are usually hiding behind a mask messing with our mental health. You don’t need or want such negative energy in your life, regardless of your age. Whether the bully is in familiar territory or cyber-stalking, I hope this episode will help someone with bullying and know that you are not alone.

“Why fit in when you were meant to stand out” Dr. Suess

Bullying can be physical, verbal social and yes cyber on-line in an instant. Take back your identity and truly know who you are

“Those who understand their identity are never without hope.” Michael Dauphinee

Stay Mentally Strong

Follow the Proximity Principle

Take Calculated Risks

Enjoy Some Downtime

Build your Mental Muscle

“Stay inspired. That’s the hardest thing to do. If you can figure out a way to stay inspired, you can make it.” Michael Jackson




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