“Character Flaws are Molded Habits”

Diane Planidin

Molded Habits

The Law of Compulsive Behaviour


Have you ever wondered what builds your Character? Turns out your Character is actually a Molded Habits developed over time. “When choosing people to work and associate with, do not be mesmerized by their reputation or taken in by the surface image they try to project. Instead, train yourself to look deep within them and see their character. People’s character is formed in the earliest years and by their daily habits. It is what compels them to repeat certain actions in their lives and fall into negative patterns. Look closely at such patterns and remember that people never do something just once. They will inevitably repeat their behaviour.” Robert Greene
Diane Discusses:
– Why you need to know about the Law of Compulsive Behaviour
– Why you should care and why it’s important
– How our character is formed and when it begins
You will Learn: – How to recognize molded habits – What you can do to upgrade your Character – When your values & morals are clear, the decisions you need to make, the actions you need to take are so much easier.
Episodes mentioned: 035 – Science behind staying patient – https://youtu.be/40Uuwn_b6-4
You must master your weaknesses with a corresponding strength. It takes practice and replacing an old unhealthy habit with a new one. Train yourself to have patience, not to let others push your buttons to get a reaction for their entertainment.
“People of real strength are as rare as gold, and if you find them, you should respond as if you had discovered a treasure.” Robert Greene Live an Inspired Life and remember, know throughly your own character so you can control your own destiny. 


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