Nature’s Gift

Children do not lack Capacity

When it comes to school, you need to be involved.  You need to be in the know and you need to be the backpack hound.  When your children enter school age, your job is truly beginning. Yes those first 5 years are vital as you nurture your wee one.  You have set the foundation, now the building blocks are ready to go on top. School teachers are just that, teachers. And it takes more than one to guide them through the next 12+ years.  

To supplement my child’s education with my own knowledge and resources. Think of it as frosting on a cake, the final touch that pulls the creation together.  

The Pygmalion Effect was a study done by Rosenthal and Jacobsen in the 60’s which shows that teacher expectations influence student performance. Positive expectations influence performance positively, and negative expectations influence performance negatively. Quite simple really.  And it actually works. 

So get involved, volunteer, volunteer at school, speak up when you have concerns in a gracious manner but don’t take no for an answer until you have a viable solution.  And do it often, it just may change your life as a result. The opportunities for your child are endless.

Today’s inspirational quote is from Einstein;

“Weakness of Attitude, Becomes Weakness of Character”



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