“All that is Glitters is not Gold”

Diane Planidin

Heighten Your Self-Worth





Immunize yourself Against Envy


Learn how to control Envy to heighten your self-worth and recognize it in others.  “We humans are naturally compelled to compare ourselves with one another. We are continually measuring people’s status, the level of respect and attention they receive, and noticing any differences between what we have and what they have. For some of us, this need to compare serves as a spur to excel through our work. For others, it can turn into deep envy – feelings of inferiority and frustration that lead to covert attacks and sabotage.”  Robert Greene


5 tips on developing your Self-Worth

“Nobody admits to acting out of envy. You must recognize the early warning signs – praise and bids for friendship that seems effusive and out of proportion; subtle digs at you under the guise of good-natured humor; apparent uneasiness with your success. It is most likely to crop up among friends or your peers in the same profession. Learn to deflect envy by drawing attention away from yourself. Develop your sense of self worth from internal standards and not incessant comparisons.”  Robert Greene

Diane Discusses:
– Why it’s important to understand envy
– How you can us it to help you move forward in life – Why gratitude changes your perspective
You will Learn: – 4 Traits of Envy – Why purpose is Key to your Success – 5 ways to develop your Self-Worth
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Live an Inspired Life and remember, develop your sense of self worth from within not from without. 
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