Is 20-20


Hindsight is the ability to understand an event or situation only after its happened.

 The ability to understand, to understand, I think that’s key. It’s only effective if you actually digest what you have learned and realize that hindsight can be very powerful for our future endeavours.  When my baby Genius was evolving, before he was even one year old, he showed strong development, which to be honest at the time, I didn’t realize. He never crawled.  Just went from the carrier one day to walking one day; or so it feels that way.  

My child is not an inconvenience.  Your child is not an inconvenience. No child is an inconvenience. Pay attention and they will amaze you.  His walking expedition that night was a clear sign that my baby genius was evolving quickly, right before my eyes.  We continued to have dinner parties and we continue to include Nicholas in the festivities.  No guest ever again viewed Nicholas as a burden to be seen and not heard. Because your child is not an inconvenience and they too are born with a natural instinct and intuition. A funny thing I realized the other day, although that evening was full of stress. Well stressed spelled backwards is Desserts. So in a way we got our just desserts!   I don’t know, I just thought it was interesting.

Know that nurturing and caring for your child is always the right thing to do. Being a devoted parent is an admirable characteristic that children get inspired by. It means that you are dedicated to their well being, wholeheartedly.  It doesn’t mean your a helicopter parent and you’re hovering, not letting your child shine. I will speak more to that in future episodes.

The Dalai Lama says “The enemy is a very good teacher.” That’s hindsight. 




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