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How to Elevate your Perspective





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Are you tired of learning everything the hard way?  Ever wonder, for instance, what you can do to make a change?  Align your Decisions with your Long-Term Goals as we review How to Elevate your Perspective or the Law of Shortsightedness from the Laws of Human Nature. It is a game changer to help you move forward with the Life you Deserve.

Zig Ziglar once said that “Some of us learn from other people’s mistakes, and the rest of us have to be the other people”  

You don’t want to be the other people, you want to inform yourself, do the work, do the research and elevate your perspective.  That’s why I’m sharing this book in detail.  I know you don’t necessarily have the time for such a big read, but I also know that I would be remiss not to share it because learning how to elevate your perspective makes reaching your goals and objectives easier.


Reach your Objectives

“With an elevated perspective, you will have the patience and clarity to reach almost any objective.” This is because what do we all really want?  We want to reach our goals.  We want to create a life that we love and we want success and happiness.  So how do we elevate our perspective in order to have such patience and clarity?  First of all you need to create an awareness of yourself and the actions of others.  There is so much drama that our senses are drawn to that we need to take a moment and step back from it all rather than getting swept into the current.  To remind ourselves to use our common sense and understand that there are consequences to our decisions.

Greene says that “when we limit our thinking to what our senses provide, to what is immediate, we descend to the pure animal level in which our reasoning powers are neutralized.  We are no longer aware of why or how things come about.”  That is our lizard brain that has been with us since humans first started evolving.

You need to train yourself to look at the big picture and take in as much information as possible before taking action.  Time reveals all, especially when it comes to your long-term goals.  This can also be applied to your personal life for instance.  When you have a toxic person invading your space and are ready to stop the madness.

“Sanity and Balance do not come naturally. They are powers we acquire through great effort, and they represent the height of human wisdom”. Robert Greene
Diane Discusses:
– Why you need to Prioritize
– How to expand your relationship to Time
– Why you need to think about consequences
As a Result – You will Learn:
– 4 Strategies to reach your Long-Term Goals
– How to Elevate your Perspective
– How to Heighten your Awareness
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Live an Inspired Life and remember, with an elevated perspective you will reach your objectives. 
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