You need inspiration, even on a Snow Day


Nothing is more magical than viewing life through the eyes of a child. The wonder and magic of it all. To be young or even young at heart gives you a positive perspective in life.
You may have heard the term, ‘when Life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade’ . Meaning instead of being a sourpuss and griping about it, make lemonade and have a nice refreshing drink instead. Drink in the day and your surroundings and the amazing natural beauty of mother Earth.
It may be a crazy day, when you get caught off guard and not prepared for a storm. As adults we look at a snow day and start griping; look at a child and they are grinning from ear to ear as they can hardly wait to get out there and play.
So take a snow day and start your day with a “positive glimmer” . You will be amazed. Live on the Bright Side, even when it’s snowing.
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