“Rationality is not something you are born with, but it is something you can acquire.”

Diane Planidin


Master your Emotional Self




Inspiration from The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene


Master your Emotions for Success! Have you ever encountered someone who believed they were superior to you and belittling, berating and badgering you?  Have you ever been around someone who sabotaged your career because they were jealous, full envy and revenge.  Or have you ever felt helpless, frustration and even anger with a hint of regret?  Then you need to hear this as you work through the emotional rollercoaster of life and learn to master your Emotions.


Diane discusses 

– why we are so emotional

– why it’s important to work on your rationality

– strategies toward bringing out the rational self


You will learn

– how to identify different bias

– why rationality provides you with clarity

– when to practice mastering your emotional self


Maya Angelou said that if you can’t change something, then change your attitude.  You can’t change another person just as much as another person cannot change you – remember that.  You cannot change someone who is evil and pushes your buttons, but you can feel pity for them and deflect them from your world or better yet, don’t give them any of your precious time.  That gives you the strength to master your emotions for success.

This is the first chapter to begin your journey in exploring the strategies you will instill towards bringing out your rational self – by being aware of the inflaming factors while recognizing the bias within you and others. You will begin to think for yourself instead of reacting to what others give you.  Take time to recognize your emotions and take time before you respond.   You will find more creative solutions with a clear and calm vision.

Live an Inspired Life!

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