Mental Health Matters

You are Invincible


When your mental health is challenging you. When you are feeling sorry for yourself and cannot find the strength to bring others up with your wisdom. Think of Invictus. The human spirit is so strong that it can stare adversity in the face and say no ma’am. No thank you ma’am,  please move on. You are invincible because you do not compare yourself to others. You are invincible because you know that as soon as you start making comparisons,  your joy  will get sucked right out of you. 

In this episode we discuss the importance of training yourself and those you influence on how to stay mentally strong.  Throughout the ages us humans have had many challenges to deal with, this is nothing new, yet we need reminding.  We need to remember that no one is responsible for our happiness but ourselves – and no one is permitted to impose their negative opinions on another.  When faced with adversity, remember you are a warrior and they should be embarrassed.  After all, you are the Master of your Fate, you are the Captain of your soul.  

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