“Let go of the Fear of Missing Out by becoming an Object of Desire”

Diane Planidin

Why you want to Become an           Object of Desire




Do you have FOMO or the Fear of Missing out?  Have you ever thought being an object of desire was not for you?  You will want to listen to this episode in which we discuss why becoming an object of desire can actually be a good idea and then you will no longer fear that you are missing out of something.
“ Absence and presences have very primal effects upon us.  Too much presences suffocates; a degree of absence spurs our interest.  We are marked by the continual desire to possess what we do not have – the object projected by our fantasies…. Dangle in front of others what they are missing most in life, what they are forbidden to have, and they will go crazy with desire.”  Robert Greene
Diane provides you with modern day examples of how the Law of Covetousness works.  She discusses the allure of the new Clubhouse app and how they used this law – something that was not easily obtainable, along with the history of Coco Chanel and her mastery of marketing her mysterious ways.

Episodes Mentioned:

(The Cookie Thief) Perception is Reality.

Quotes from Robert Greene:

“The more active our imagination becomes, the greater the pleasure we derive from it.”
“In the end what you really must covet is a deeper relationship to reality, which will bring you calmness, focus, and practical powers to alter what it is possible to alter”
Live an Inspired Life and remember, learn to create some mystery around you.
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