France Remembrance Day Lest we Forget

Lest we Forget History

A minute of silence is the tradition on November 11th at the 11th hour to show our respect for those who serve and have served our country.

Today’s episode discusses the importance of sharing history with your child and why it is…Read More

Paper equals Brain Power

Power of Paper

Handwriting on Paper is a Cognitive Super Power.

Reading a book made of Paper is so enjoyable.  You can feel the warmth of the paper and the progression of your adventure.

Post-it notes have become vital to Design Thinking which….Read More

Talent and Sugar

Trick or Treat?

Bring to life exceptional talent by not only feeding the brain with the required glucose every day, but with challenges and experiences.  Enjoy your victories and the wonder of dopamine which encourages beneficial actions.

In today’s episode we discuss…Read More

Cooking with Kids

The Crazy Cooking Show

Cooking and Baking are perfect to teach your child FUNdamentals.

We created our own imaginary cooking show in our kitchen to inspire fun in the kitchen, all while learning the basic skills needed to cook. How cooking and enjoying the fruits of your labor is …..Read More

Thankful for Family

Give Thanks

The importance of taking time with your family and friends during the holidays is to be there for each other and lend a helping hand when needed.

It’s fun to get outside and try new things.  Run around and have

some fun in……Read More

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Talk Like an Adult

Change your Words. Change your World.

Children are sponges and they are amazing at not only understanding words and language at an early age, but also the context of those words.

Interesting article written based on a University of Chicago

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You Got This!

If there are only three words you ever say to a child, I would recommend “You Got This”

A positive comment, which goes a long way in a child’s life.  Anything you say or do becomes a habit and a natural response.  That goes equally with a…..Read More

Persist Succeed Inspire


Persist Until you Succeed

Real life evolution by bringing the ocean and the interests of my son to fruition.

Expect that if want your child to try something new or old or different, you should be prepared to try it yourself.  Because we never…..Read More

Appreciate Art Chuily

Art Appreciation

The importance of Art and the impact it has on personal growth, not to mention it’s a great outlet to just let go!

Blue Dogs by George Rodrique was our beginning.  So striking and yet so simple.

 “What I do know,” Rodrigue says,  “is that Blue Dog, in some form or another, will remain …..Read More