“See through people’s masks by being a method actor, not a drama Queen”

Diane Planidin

See Through People’s Masks




Why is it important to See Through People’s Masks?  As we continue our journey in understanding the Laws of Human Nature, we need to get better at reading people.  Now that you have mastered your emotions and are aware of the image you are portraying to those you influence the next step is indeed become an excellent observer on how others and yourself communicate.  It will heighten your senses and intuition and then provide you with renewed confidence.  

The Art of Impression Management – how clever! Today we are discussing the Law of Role-Playing from Robert Greene’s book, the Laws of Human Nature which he outlines how to see through people’s masks.  This is important in your journey of life because it gives you more confidence.


Diane discusses 


Why you need to be a keen observer

How we are all born actors

How to become more confident


You will Learn


How to related to people in a deeper way

Tools to uncover someone else’s mask

How to develop you own acting skills to bring our your true character  


Quotes in this Episode:

“ People tend to wear the mask that shows them off in the best possible light – humble, confident, diligent. They say the right things, smile, and seem interested in our ideas.  They learn to conceal their insecurities and envy. If we take this appearance for reality, we never really know their true feelings, and on occasion we are blindsided by their sudden resistance, hostility, and manipulative actions.” 

Robert Greene

Shakespeare “All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players.”

“People are like the moon, they show you only one of their sides.”  Arthur Schopenhauer.


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How do you start to be aware of the different types of people in your life and how they are acting?  Make a decision to pick and choose what is the most important for you.  As a result you get better at reading people. Since people say things with conviction it can actually turn out to be a little glimmer of a lie. If it’s not going to change your life – go with the flow and save your energy for when the stakes are much high.  When bullies don’t have someone feeding their fire then eventually the fire gets washed out. You want to set yourself up for success.  You can do this by embracing the law of role-playing, for instance.  Pay attention to how you are perceiving others and try being your own investigator of your life. As a result you will lead by example to those you influence and look to you for guidance.


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The Laws of Human Nature

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