“Constant validation from others is not sustainable, hence you need to develop confidence in yourself, self-esteem.”

Diane Planidin


Transform Self-Love into Empathy


We all naturally possess the most remarkable tool for connecting to people and acting social power – empathy. When cultivated and properly used, it can allow us to see into the moods and minds of others, giving us the power to anticipate people’s actions and gently lower their resistance.” Robert Greene



– Why we are so needy

– Why it’s important to work on your empathy skills

– Strategies to train yourself



– How to transform self-love into empathy

– Why empathy is a greater power than narcissism

– How to practice empathy for success


Episodes mentioned: 060, Master your Emotional Self


“The deepest principle of Human Nature is the craving to be appreciated”. William James

Practice these empathic skills and see what works best for you as you make progress. Try it on different people and go with the flow by keeping an open mindset. You can also do this by people watching and seeing how they interact with others. Make it a guessing game and then see if you are right. Practice Visceral and Analytic empathy.


“You will find,” Greene says, “a smoother ride through life, as you avoid unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings.”


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