“Free your mind, it unleashes your Creative Powers”

Diane Planidin

Soften People’s Resistance





Learn to Tame your Own Stubborn Nature


Step back and take a secondary position. Ask people for their opinions, be subtle about it as you learn more about them and their underlying motives. Remember the goal is not to be manipulative, then they will feel it, the goal is to work on your own mindset by not being defensive so that you can expand your own world, your own influence, rather than being too aggressive in your actions and words. People usually get aggressive when they are desperate and fearful of their future. As a result, you will free your mind of negative thoughts and unleash your Creative Powers.  If you are open to taking the next step in personal development through understanding human nature and the benefits of not being defensive but rather develop the skill of gentle persuasion, Diane shares the five strategies to do so in order to soften peoples resistance.


Unleash your Creative Powers

When you are under stress, you can’t create.  When people push your buttons, you take the focus off of yourself and your own mindset.  The Positive Vibe is real and there is near-science that confirms it.  Help yourself end the psychological warfare in your mind in order to unleash your Creative Powers.  Then you will be able to set yourself up for success and those you mentor – even your children.

“Never attack people for their beliefs or make them feel insecure about their intelligence or goodies-that will only strengthen their defensiveness and make your task impossible. Make them feel that by doing what you want they are being noble and altruistic-the ultimate lure. Learn to tame your own stubborn nature and free your mind from its defensive and closed positions, unleashing your creative powers.” Robert Greene

“People seek less to be instructed, and even to be amused, than to be praised and applauded” Jean de La Bruyere
Diane discusses:
-what happens when you try to be convincing
-the power of persuasion
-how the Positive Vibe is real
You will Learn:
-how to stop arguing
-5 Strategies to soften peoples resistance
-how to unleash your creative powers
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Live an Inspired Life and remember, with an open mindset you will unleash your Creative Powers. 
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