“We all have a Dark Side”

Diane Planidin

People are rarely what they seem





Embrace your Personality


What is a person’s dark side?  Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist, called it the Shadow.  It’s the side of use we repress over time in order to maintain a civil decorum.

The Shadow, the Dark side is  a natural impulse that over time we learn to use in what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in various situations. That doesn’t mean it’s gone away.  That is why it is important to know that the Shadow is in all of us.  That is why it is important to recognize this in others.  This helps you in reading others.  


4 Steps to Connect

By embracing your Shadow, you will exude your natural traits and as a result your Shadow will become your ally.  Once you learn to recognize it in yourself, then you will have an easier time seeing it in others and be able to understand them better.   And if you are raising children or teaching them, you will be more patient and understanding of their actions and how you too can guide them, listen to them and help them learn how to learn so they can express themselves through their creative endeavours. To be authentic, think Albert Einstein.

Today Diane discusses the Law of Repression and how to use it to radiate an authenticity that will draw people to you.
Diane Discusses: Why you need to be aware of your Dark Side
– Why its important to know the Shadow is in all of us  – 7 most common Dark Side traits
You will Learn: How to integrate the Shadow into your Life  – The 4 steps to heighten your creativity  – How to radiate authenticity
Get your notepad out! This episode is filled with great tips to change your destiny and take control of your life.
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Live an Inspired Life and remember, every obstacle gives you another opportunity to grow and flourish. 
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