The Art of Mastering the Mini Break


Zen and Mastering the Art of the Mini-Break will change your world.  This episode is for anyone that is looking for some tips and tricks to stay highly productive, organized, motivated and prioritize your day, week, month or year.  You can start today by introducing a state of calmness in the form of a Mini-Break for everyone.
Choose to form a new Habit that will provide you with the drive you need to keep going, without getting overwhelmed. By combining your goal setting with time management and a balance in your schedule, you will feel better and have less stress, no matter what you are doing. This idea will work whether you are studying or working on a project; preparing a presentation for work or working out.  
Teach yourself and your family how to take a moment, a pause in order to re-energize without losing momentum. Find your Zen, regardless of the form it takes.  Some people like to meditate while others like to do Yoga.  Maybe you like to paint, draw, write or read a book – made of paper! Let you imagination run wild and you will discover your strengths will be heightened to new levels.
Practice on purpose; baby steps is all it takes.  Creating anything under stress does not provide the focus you need, take time to regroup, re-energize and play, run, dance and sing!  Watching Frozen in your vehicle will not equal focus that is required for success.
“If you focus on success, you’ll have stress.  But if you pursue excellence, success will be guaranteed”. Deepak Chopra
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