How I helped my child love to Read – with Success

What? Your child doesn’t like to read?  That is not surprising, especially when they are being told what to read.  My first inclination was to blame technology and the vortex it creates – beyond my control.  Or was it?  So how did I help my child love to read with success?

First you should know, my child is very tactile and really enjoys being one with any project and bringing it to life.  But when it came to reading literature, for example, the result was that he found it very boring.  Which is actually an understatement.



There is hope!


On the other hand, if he had to read for a Science project, he was all in.  This is a clear example of knowing your child, their strengths and interests and how this comes full circle for them. So how did I help my child love to read with success?   I made it all about him, and because I know him so well, I needed to step-up and help him through the process.  I did this by joining him in reading the same book.  Sometimes we read in silence, sometimes we took turns reading out loud.  To get the best results, you have to explore what works for you and your child and your schedule.

Did I really feel like reading with him?  Not initially, but I did it anyways and I felt his pain.  I wanted to at least try to help and discover ways to get him over the mental block of reading.  Once we came up with a routine, it became a new habit.  Now I think fondly of the extra time we spent together because it was also a good way of being accountable to each other.  I would proof read his book reports and it was easier for me since I had actually had read the material.  I was also able to provide real feedback to him since I was able to tell if he indeed not only read the material, but understood it.


Read with Success


What I haven’t told you yet, is that my son has been deemed ‘gifted’ and his ‘giftedness’ does not mean he is automatically good at everything.  I guided him to focus on what he was good at and not worry about being “perfect” in every subject.  It’s important to complete the curriculum but not at the expense of anguish.  He did his best work for instance, when he wasn’t feeling stressed.  I did this by taking the pressure off of him and joining in on the experience.

Plant positive ideas and your child will blossom.  My child didn’t like reading as he found it very boring if the subject didn’t interest him.  Now he loves it and can’t believe he ever didn’t like it.  He has found the power of the imagination and the journey that reading can take him on.  By the way, we tried audio books and they simply didn’t register as a learning tool for him.  We tried reading on the iPad and that wasn’t a good idea either because he needed to feel the book since he is a tactile learner.

This is simply one mom’s adventure with reading.  It is not medical advice nor am I a ‘specialist’….just a mom hoping to help others Nurture, Coach and Inspire the Next Generation for Success.  Because you know your child and what works for them best, you will find a way too.  It takes time and patience but in the long run it’s worth it!  That is how I helped my Child love to Read with Success.


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