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Positive Presentation

Reviews on Speaking

I am so fortunate to have received feedback on what other people think of my presentations and also positive suggestions on how to make the sessions even better!


I love to tell stories and share my journey with others.  After all the best way to learn is through others and their experiences.  Hindsight is 20-20 but the hindsight of others is more valuable.  That also applies to speaking and presentations.  Positive presentation reviews on speaking is invaluable.  I love getting feedback not only on audience engagement but also on what people find relevant and helpful to them.  It’s also important to know that I am open to gracious suggestions for future seminars.  I say gracious because there is always a nice way to say things.  For instance I now know that in a larger room a microphone is a must!  I may think everyone can hear me but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  

Here’s a few positive presentation reviews on speaking from people who had never heard me speak before:


“Thank you for your strong preparation and work that you put into your presentation, it showed and the result was a polished, well structured speech.”  Michelle


“I liked your singing.  And incorporating breathing, genius.  Great rhyming, quotes.  Great awareness of audience.  Polished, prepared speech. “



“Wow, great job Diane.  I was all into it ’till the end.  Super well done.  Keep it up!”



“Courageous and confident from the start.  We got to know you.  Great body language, great smile and great eye contact.”




“Wow!  Amazing, you went From looking nervous to completely ‘on’.  Great gestures, eye contact, walking around stage and talking to the people.  You obviously put a lot of effort in. “



“I enjoyed the unique style of your speech structure.  It was nice to have the anticipation made it exciting.  I suggest adding a couple of notches of volume (since you didn’t have a microphone).  You crushed it!”



“You excelled at using the floor & your eye contact.  The way you constructed your speech was more than cromulent!  Fantastic gestures, well done!  Very well constructed.  Need a bit more volume (since you didn’t have a microphone).  You seemed very comfortable with the audience.”


Thank you Judy!  Talk about a positive presentation review on speaking to your group!

Positive Words

This is my own quote!  It just burst out of me when my son told me that he was being published in the Canadian Journal of Zoology  at the age of 20!