90 Seconds to Success

Peace of Mind Included

90 Seconds to Success:  Peace of Mind Included
In our instantaneous world sometimes patience goes by the wayside when it comes to the easy stuff.  Easy for adults that is.  In fact most of the time, communication with those closest to us becomes almost frustration.  After all, can’t they read your mind!   In this innovative and interactive session, Diane will show your audience how to use the 90 Seconds to Success rule to be a better parent and build a rapport with your child.  Participants learn how to identify their children’s needs in order to draw out the Genius that is within and let it Flourish.

Nurture Coach Inspire

Nurture, Coach, Inspire

Unleash Maximum Capacity

Nurture, Coach, Inspire: Unleash Maximum Capacity
Children don’t lack capacity, they lack having enough teachers.  Children are amazing little sponges that absorb anything and everything, as long as you teach them.  Learning doesn’t stop when the school bell rings.  This series can be delivered as a Seminar or Workshop.   Diane will guide you through the tips and tricks that make for life long achievement while developing unlimited capacity.  Participants learn how to hone and develop their Childs aspirations and draw out the Genius that is within and let it Flourish.

Genius Nerds Albert Einstein


Genius needs to Blossom

NERD’s: Genius needs to Blossom
Society just presumes that if you are smart, you are smart at everything.  Learning comes easy, no instruction manual required.  But to truly give your child the opportunity to have their Genius Blossom, you need to plant the seed.   In this original and timeless seminar Diane will show your audience how to Navigate, Educate, be Resilient and Discover your child’s best way to succeed in learning, even if they haven’t developed their inner Genius yet.   This series is also available as a workshop.

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