21 Days – New Habits = Reaching Goals

I began the day very early today pondering the next 21 days to New Habits and Reaching Goals.  I’d like to tell you it was because I am part of the ‘5 AM Club’ but alas I am not.  What I am is the ‘mom’ to an aging Dog and an ancient Cat that can’t seem to hold-on until the sun rises anymore.  Odie, my dog, wanted to go outside at 3:30 this morning.  Garfield, yes that’s my Cats name, heard us moving around and insisted it must be time to eat!  Needless to say, I decided that further sleep was futile, so began my journey to find a Podcast on Habits and Goals.

However, my physical being was not quite ready to move and my mind had not yet woken up past Robot mode.  So I did the only thing possible – watch/listen to a Podcast episode on YouTube from the Huberman Lab.  Andrew Huberman, Ph.D. has been teaching neuroscience on InstaGram for quite some time and now has a podcast.  The episode was on ‘The Science of Making & Breaking Habits.’ 

It’s the New Year and I have some lofty Goals, so I gave it a listen.  I’m always open to ideas and love neuroscience, so it was the perfect fit!  My big take-a-way from the episode was the ’21 Day Habit Installation & Testing system.’  I thought why not, I can do anything for 21 days!  I can create some New Habits for 21 days in order to Reach my Goals.

I also like having a ‘system’ in place in order to reach short and long term Goals.  The idea he explained was to write down 6 habits to perform each day, for the next 21 days.  Essentially the habit of doing a habit – the habit of doing a number of things per day.  The other reason I liked this idea is that I do love a deadline…even if it is self-imposed, daily.

Today I practiced with a few ideas for my magic 6 number, which was surprisingly difficult to narrow the list down to.  I might try 8 to start and then filter a few along the way.  One of the habits though that I’m going to stick to for certain, is to post daily on this blog my progress!

I will keep you posted and please let me know what you are doing for your own goals and habits in order to reach them in the comments.



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