How to Improve Sleeping Habits 


Have you read every book on sleeping habits?  Are you a parent ready to tear your hair out because your child won’t go to sleep?  Or is your own mind so filled with thought, that you just can’t seem to wind down? Sleeping habits can be changed.  Give yourself 30 days and  practice how to improve sleeping habits with these Five Tips.

Having a child that is highly gifted proved provided more than one challenge when it was time for sleep.  But it’s not just about being gifted, sleep deprivation is becoming a problem around the globe.  You need  a good 30 days in order to see success and improve your sleep habits.  



5 Tips for Success


But I’m too busy….   You may think, you don’t have time to ‘train’ your child or your own brain on how to shut down, but what is the alternative?  Medication seems to be what I’m hearing about the most and honestly that is not what is best for you or your child.  When we don’t get enough sleep, other conditions, sometimes chronic can follow.


Plan your Time

Now that we are all living a different lifestyle and have more time, it’s the perfect opportunity to set yourself up for success.  Begin with time and schedule your sleep to form a pattern.  Bed time and awake time is the same time every day because consistency is key – even on the weekends.  I know, grrr.  Time is a key element in your sleeping habits, for all 30 days.



Set the Clock

It’s time to buy an alarm clock or put your phone in another room that is far enough away that you won’t be distracted yet you will hear it when it’s time to wake up.  I do this myself, everyday and my alarm sound is to my favourite music.  Something that’s happy and makes me want to dance.


Stay Active

Speaking of dancing, make sure you have exercise incorporated into your day, a few times.  I love it when the whole family goes for a walk after dinner.  Great for the digestion and nice crisp air make for a better sleep.  The dog likes it too!  If you are serious about wanting to improve sleeping habits and have success in 30 days, you will remember to stay active.  You can always find 15 minutes to go for a walk or stretch or even do an evening yoga.  


Snuggles & Giggles

Since you don’t have any electronic devices dinging and pinging at you;  nor a Television or computer, it’s time to get snuggly.  You and your child are ready to put on a cozy pair of jammies, grab your favourite blanket and pillow and get under the covers for some giggles.  It still makes me giggle to this day when I think of snuggle time.  


Magic Formula

The magic in this formula lies in story time  and having a ‘paper’ book to read.  Either on your own or together but it has to be paper.  Remember, you have put the electronic devices away now.  The glow in the dark screens, especially at night when your mind needs time to rest, are a key to avoid for sleep.  Story time can also be telling stories, but that may cause too much excitement.  Choose a story that is happy and calming.  No dragons at night please, you want to dream and have a good nights rest.


30 Days to Success

“If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves”. Thomas Edison.

No overnight success here – you need to commit to 30 days to form a new habit.  Just remind yourself, matters that are important and have a sense of urgency will always get squeezed into the schedule.Think about how you can stretch, how you can challenge yourself and your family.Choose to feel like it, trick yourself if you have to.Tell yourself you can do it. Keep moving forward, one step at a time.The result, Equanimity.You will bring to your life more balance and feel better when you have a good nights sleep.


  • Plan your Time for Sleep
  • Set the Clock to train yourself
  • Stay Active even if its only 15 minutes
  • Get Snuggly & have some giggles
  • Read a Book in Paper Format – Happy Stories

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5 Ways

to Smile More

To Keep a Healthy Mindset

Feeling down? It happens. However, if the blues seem to follow you everywhere you go, consider these simple tips for raising your mood.


Surround yourself with flowers. Flowers have been shown to subtly lift the spirit of those around them. Grow a flower garden in the spring and summer and bring those blooms inside with you. Feeling low in the winter? Create a flower budget. Just $5 – $10 a week could bring a gorgeous bouquet into your life. Place it on your desk at work or wherever you spend a lot of time.

Adopt a pet. Furry friends bring an endless amount of joy into the lives of their owners, from play time to snuggling and beyond. If you have the schedule and resources that allow you to responsibly adopt a pet, do it, and let the smiling begin.

Do a random act of kindness. Kindness has a boomerang effect, so don’t be afraid to dole it out. Volunteer, help out a pal before they even ask for it or do something smaller. Next time you’re in line at the grocery store, offer the person with only one item waiting behind you to step ahead.

Create a happiness ritual. What makes you happy? A long bath with a good book? Journaling for 15 minutes every morning? Yoga? A walk with a pal? Incorporate more of this into your day to lift your mood.

Identify downers. Some downers, like a stressful job or a sick family member, cannot be avoided. But others, like a long commute or a toxic relationship, can be identified and cut. Ask your boss if you can work from home one day a week to avoid the commute, or if possible, look for another job closer to home. Another downer that may be hiding in plain view? Social media. Monitor how you feel before and after you spend time on Instagram or Facebook and act accordingly.



Keeping your family healthy is a top priority, but with everything we have to juggle in modern-day life, that’s easier said than done. Luckily, there are simple activities your whole family can enjoy that will promote a health-focused lifestyle in adults and children alike.

Visit a U-Pick Farm
Young children will especially enjoy visiting a local farm, but teens and adults alike can enjoy seeing where food is sourced. Visit a U-pick farm and gather some of your favorite fresh fruits and veggies. Not only is this activity more fun than a plain grocery trip, but you’re also likely to save money when buying in bulk.

Find Active Hobbies
Keeping your family active and healthy doesn’t mean everyone has to sign up for a sport or gym membership. Think of fun activities the whole family can enjoy that aren’t exercise-focused. Kite flying, paper boat racing, walking the family dog and picking wildflowers can all be fun hobbies that encourage movement without feeling like a chore.

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Look for Tech Tools
For tech-loving families, there are a plethora of options to stay active without feeling like you’ve traveled to the stone ages. Try geocaching, having a step-count contest or play a movement-focused video game.

Cook Together
The best way to please a picky eater? Get them involved in the process. Cooking together can be a fun and messy experience that kids will enjoy. Get the whole family involved with age-appropriate tasks and try a new recipe together. Get chef hats and aprons to make it a novel experience. Just be sure to leave plenty of time and plan for delays if you are working with younger children.

Incorporate these simple habits that your whole family will benefit from, all while having fun.

4 Playroom


To Keep the Kids Active Indoors


Every parent knows the importance of keeping their kids active. In addition to instilling a healthy lifestyle, it also makes your life a whole lot easier after they’ve spent time burning all of their energy. When the weather’s nice, it’s easy enough for the little ones to run around outside, however, that’s not always an option. For this reason, here are a few playroom ideas that can keep the kids busy all year round.

Indoor Jungle Gym
As they progress from crawlers to climbers, being able to hone their fine motor skills is a crucial part of their development. Fortunately, there are some wonderful children’s furniture companies that specialize in exactly this and offer high-end options for indoor jungle gyms, monkey bars, rope swings and much more. Wiwiurka is one such company that’s well worth checking out. 

Performance Stage 
For the kids aspiring to a life on Broadway, there’s nothing better than having their own little stage at home. They’ll be able to entertain themselves all day long while playing dress-up and putting on productions. It can also be fun for staging musical recitals at home that you stream to loved ones around the world.

Arts and Crafts Station
As important as it is to run around, arts and crafts can also help to improve coordination and motor skills, as well as foster creativity. When it comes to finding their next project, there’s certainly no shortage of inspiration online, which means you can keep them busy all year long just by having a well-stocked station with all the supplies they’ll need.  

Table Games
No matter how old they get, kids are sure to love a rec room that’s equipped with table tennis, foosball or air hockey. These games are perfect for good old-fashioned fun that the whole family can enjoy together while spending time at home. You can also consider a billiard or shuffleboard table and make it a game room that the adults will appreciate just as much.