When you create your own space in order to work or study, it becomes yours.  Personalize it and create your own cone of silence by putting away technology when you don’t need it. 



Put all of your super powers to work by engaging all your senses.  This is easy to do when you use the power of paper.  It engages all our cognitive abilities, even smell, which helps us retain information easier.





When you create a schedule you also create your own set of goals.  This helps you to reduce the number of distractions and stay organized.



What better way is there to be rewarded than with a ‘mini break’ to call your own.  Something to look forward to always makes the task at hand a bit easier.


To keep momentum and maintain support, you need to keep a positive vibe flowing.  Feed your soul, feed your body & feed your brain.  Whatever it takes, you will stay strong.




PRINT: How to Work from Home & Successfully Transform your Life







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Working from home has become the ‘new norm’, you need to ensure you will be successful and avoid the distractions along the way.  This week we discuss 5 tips that have proven results in order to help you adjust to the change.

It’s important to create your own, personalized space for focus.  Use what you already have in order to avoid boredom and retain what you learn and do.  Develop a plan which will provide you a better view of the big picture.  And make sure that you have balance by providing time for yourself.  Most importantly, maintain your physical and spiritual health so you can stay positive and support those around you.

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