Build the Foundation for Future Success of your Children with Success

Set the Foundation for Future Success

We are living in challenging times right now in Education – now more than ever as a parent you need to pay attention to the grades being given.  With distance learning, students, educators and parents must stay in the loop.  Set the foundation for your children and their future success with “The Golden Circle of Trust”©

I’m hearing stories of teachers taking away 50% of a students grade if they miss a Zoom class.  That is not academics, that is attendance and since when is attendance graded to the point of losing 50% of an academic grade?  How is this going to set the foundation for future success?

Participate – pay attention

A parent needs to pay very specific attention on how the foundation is being set.  I hear all the time, “oh it’s just grade 6” “oh it’s just elementary school” Oh no it’s not.  It is the very foundation of what your child’s mindset will be in the future.  It is personal because once you add in a few particles of peer pressure – voila!  Your Childs foundation is crumbling.

Let me give you an exact example of what I mean.  In Grade 5, the first Grade my son and his entire class were eligible to earn the President’s Award for Educational Excellence, I learned this lesson.  The entire class had exceed all expectations in anticipation of winning this prestigious award.  Each individual had risen to the occasion.  The final graded project was a team project that was going to decide on whether or not my son and his team were going to earn the final grade required for the award.  

We received the grading via e-mail the night before the “graduation” awards ceremony.  My son didn’t make the grade.  I was shocked, especially because he and his other classmates had worked so hard on their final project.  Being a mom, I called the other moms right away to offer support.  Imagine my surprise when they told me that their child had received a different –  higher grade.  How is that possible? Remember the key is to set the foundation for your children and their future success.  So now what?


Advocate – hold others accountable

Once I discovered what was going on, I knew I had to advocate for my child.  Not because of Grades but because of what this would mean to his own self-esteem, self-worth and reflection with his peers.  In a group of 20 students, what do you think it would have felt like being the only child in your class, that didn’t go up on stage.  That didn’t get the Presidential Award when his other “team” members did.   That he didn’t receive the same grade as his peers, who were on the exact same project – did?  Only because the teacher gave him a different grade.

Lucky for me, I kept everything.  Without getting petty in the nitty gritty, let’s just say by paying attention to what was expected of him and keeping in the loop, I was able to identify this and bring it to the teacher’s attention.  She did not admit her mistake at first but could not argue the obvious.  Hence, at the eleventh hour, changed my sons grade to match that of his team on the group project.  By the way,  I did not tell my son what was going on as I did not want him to feel he was not good enough.  Children do not need adult burdens, especially in Grade 5.  And, they are just learning to have a voice.

The Golden Circle of Trust© needs to remain strong.  Needs open communication and accountability by all.  Our children are learning at exponential speed and need the guidance of parents and educators to stay the course.  Don’t let your child’s foundation crumble.  Build a positive mindset and celebrate the victories.  Participate in their aspirations and remember everyone is accountable in The Golden Circle of Trust©.   Because when you set the foundation for your children and their future success, they have solid values and groundwork in order to build on. 


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